Partners of CCSE

The Straz Center for Performing Arts


The Straz Center’s community partnership program forges vital alliances between our arts education resources and community organizations. We work with each organization to customize and design a curriculum to specifically address the needs and best benefits for those served by their organization, school, agency or after-school program. We are with our community partners on our stages, in our classrooms and in the community. 

Conn Memorial Foundation


 Established over 60 years ago by businessman and philanthropist Fred K. Conn, the Conn Memorial Foundation seeks to continue the founder's legacy of compassion and giving to those in need in our community. The Foundation focuses on the most vulnerable of our citizens, our children. Mr. Conn believed in lifting people up and providing for basic needs and necessities, but he also believed in investing in the future of individuals through education and the community by building institutions that would serve those individuals. We are proud to continue this rich and caring legacy. 

Forbidden to to Fail Church


ENCOURAGE: Our mission is to inspire every human being to live a victorious life in Christ.

EDUCATE: Our mission is to inform every human being of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

DEVELOP: Our mission is to help every human being transition from the state of spiritual immaturity, to being grounded in biblical truth.  

EMPOWER: Our mission is to inspire every human being to discover and exercise their God-ordained gifts, purpose, and authority as a citizen of God’s kingdom.

DEPLOY: Our mission is to release trained, equipped, and effective individuals to impact the earth with kingdom presence.

Faith Tampa Bay


 We are looking to live out the Love of Christ with NO strings attached.  Christ loved first & taught later.  Our goal is to enable the body to be the body.  By partnering with local businesses, churches and groups, we want to help meet the needs and fill gaps by supporting our local school system.  We simply get to bridge the gap between the principals/staff needs and the resources/workers.  


 After-School All-Stars offers programs that empower young people to succeed both in school and in life. High quality after-school programs have a proven track record of improving student achievement and attendance, building a deep sense of belonging for kids within their school community, improving social-emotional health and increasing school safety.


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